animation company in bangladesh

Animation Company in Russia

We Provide 2D, 3D Animation, Compositing, Visual Effect & Simulation, Color Grading.

We have collaborated with top brands and production studious across the world on a variety of projects that required ground-breaking animation for Corporate Videos/Films FX, Explainer
Videos, TV animation shows, and more.

We Provide the following services:

Pre Production

■ Brain Storming Ideas
■ Script Writing
■ Conceptual Art
■ Story boarding
■ Animation Development
■ 3D Pr-visualization


■ 3D Modeling
■ 3D Texturing/Shading
■ 3D Lighting
■ Character Rigging
■ 3D Animation
■ 2D Animation
■ Motion Graphics
■ Effects and Simulation
■ Compositing

Post Production

■ Editing
■ Color Grading
■ Sound Effects

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