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Next Resolution Films is the leading digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. As a brand, Next Resolution Films represents a full-service agency that lies at the confluence of old-school branding principles and new-age solutions. An agency that is simultaneously creative and media driven, and builds digital capabilities to match diverse business needs and create visible and lasting impact.

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Social Media Marketing

Boost your social media communication & engagement by up to 95% with yearly growth commitment of up to 6 million new users.

Online Advertising

Ensuring up to 700% visitors growth by running programmatic ads & PPC ads on top 3 spots as well as saving almost 24% of your ad budget.

Graphic Design

Logo Design, Brochure Design, Banner Design, Newsletter Design, Flyer Design, Direct Mailer Design

Social Media Development

Social Media is the most important address for a brand to establish its presence online.

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Frequently asked questions

Digital marketing is the process of promoting your business online. There are dozens of different strategies that can be a part of this process.

All of these strategies are designed to improve brand awareness and consistently grow your business over time.

With a minimal investment, digital marketing can change the future of your company by earning you more customers, bringing in more revenue, and achieving your business goals.

For brands who want to earn more customers, revenue, and growth, Internet marketing is extremely important.

Businesses are using more digital marketing strategies and investing more money than ever before, and today, a streamlined online presence is essential for success.

At WebFX, we specialize in creating custom, results-driven strategies for each of our clients. So on this page, we’ll go over the most important components of any digital marketing plan, as well as seven cutting-edge strategies your business can use to stay ahead of the curve.

You’ve probably heard the term digital marketing, but what does it mean? Digital marketing is when you advertise your business via online channels. It is the combination of all your efforts to market your business online. Check out some digital marketing examples to better understand!

There are various digital marketing channels you can use to market your business, which we’ll dive into later. These methods help you reach more people who are interested in your business. It’s an opportunity for your business to connect with customers that are most interested in your products or services.

Digital marketing is suitable for any business in any industry. You’ll need to tailor your plan to fit your industry and business, but digital marketing is flexible enough that you can adapt it to your needs.

There are numerous goals you can set for your digital marketing plan. You can aim to build relationships with your audience, earn more valuable leads, earn more conversions, or numerous other goals that help your business grow. It is a flexible marketing option that enables you to build your campaign as you see best.

Social media marketing is another great method to help your business connect with leads. You can build a direct connection with them on social media.

There are numerous platforms you can use on social media. Some examples include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. These platforms all provide you with the opportunity to connect directly with your audience.

To use social media marketing in your digital marketing plan, you need to figure out the right platform for your target audience. Each platform has a certain percentage of users that engage on that platform. You want to figure out where your audience congregates the most so you can reach them the best.

Each platform enables you to create different kinds of content. You can create posts, link to your website, share photos and videos, or create polls. There are many opportunities to create content for your audience.
Definition of social media marketing in digital marketing

Social media marketing is a method of digital marketing that helps you build a better relationship with your audience. They choose to follow your social pages and stay connected with your business. You can provide them with information that helps them become customers.

It’s a great opportunity for you to address any questions or concerns. People will contact your business through your social media profiles so you can help them with issues or problems they have. You can build a better relationship with your audience by helping them through the buying process.